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Orlando Almario

Orlando Jose Almario Barrios

Major in Visual Arts


Hi!, I am a visual artist and multimedia developer, my main skills are Programing, ilustration and  2d animation.  I  work developing video games, designing and developing  mobile applications and cloud platforms. I have over five years of experience on the development of software and multimedia projects. 

This is my portfolio, here i showcase my favorite projects, on twitter i am posting about the games i make, on Instagram i am publishing a new drawing every morning:

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Uccellino is a small experience where you pickup flowers to rebuild your home, it lasts abour three minutes,  this game was developed over the Global Game Jam 2019, in this five persons team my rol was animator and  technical artist, i also did the character concept art. 

Adventures at Sea
I made this animation on 2018 for the city council of Santa marta, in the team of three i was the art director and lead animator. 

On 2016 i launched a crowfunded campaign for Multicoco, a coconut you can connect to your tv to play games with, this hardware product was launched along a couple of games  that you can download here

An adventure in space, your courier ship has been attacked by pirates and you must get help, with only your box teleportation device to help you. I made this small game on 2017 as a personal project 🕹

I was comission to make this animation for the  opening ceremony of the juegos Bolivarianos in 2017, a tribute to the writer Gabriel García Márquez. It is a walkthrought of his work A hundred years of solitude 🦋🦋

These are other projects or prototypes for wich there are not available downloads, But i think are also cool 😎

Thank you for getting this far, if there is something we can work together at, you can contact me at  yo@orla.games